National Science Centre, Delhi


Energy Ball

The Energy Ball exhibit is a standalone exhibit, standing tall since 1992 and has welcomed millions of visitors. The balls are lifted from…

Water: The Elixir of Life Gallery

Observational records, demographic study and climate projections provide abundant evidence that freshwater resources are vulnerable and
The Pulpit Rock

Our Science & Technology Heritage Gallery

Indian Heritage in Science & Technology has a long history of 4500 years. Our Science and Technology Heritage…
The Pulpit Rock

Human Biology Gallery

A gallery on Human Biology is in the fourth floor of the Centre. The gallery aims to portray the human body in all its aspects:

Pre-Historic Life Gallery

The new gallery is a recreation of world that none of us have seen as it existed millions of year ago and many of its life forms have become extinct by now.
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Fun Science Gallery

Science has always been a subject which has been dealt with a lot of seriousness in schools. This text bookish approach has made…

Hall of Nuclear Power

Nuclear technology is many things. It is electricity. It is medicine. It is research tool. It is friend of the armer. It is detective, and much more.
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Information Revolution Gallery

The story of evolution of Communication Technology over past 6000 years in India is told here in a large exposition. While moving through time,

Emerging Technologies Gallery

Have you ever wondered what your house will look like from space? Or whether you can ever see an image of your own heart which beats unceasingly to keep you alive?
The Pulpit Rock

Sardar Patel Gallery

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