Taramandal Shows
Taramandal is a portable mini planetarium with an inflatable dome and simple projection equipment providing an opportunity to promote interactive learning of elementary astronomy. It could also serve the purpose of an improvised dark room for conducting scientific experiments.

Scimax Theatre is a state of the art technology and is the first of its kind in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a thrilling experience of unparallel nature. While watching large images on the hemispherical dome screen accompanied by the Digital Surround Sound system one experiences complete immersion in the projected scenes. Scimax is indeed an experience of world class education & entertainment.

Experience another unique facility of viewing 3-D images here using a stereo projection system and specially aligned polarized spectacles. The fang of the snake coiling out from the hat of the magician on the screen will almost tickle your nose or a fleet of rats leaping from the screen on to you lap will make you jump off the chair. Whatever be the scene on the screen, you are sure to get excited.

Science Show
Science shows are intended to create interest in school students as well as general visitors. During the show , the demonstrator perform & explain asset of science experiments.
Varius shows like Miracle vs Science, Air Pressure, unexpected Science, Fun with Chemistry, Our unique Body, super Cooled show etc are conducted.

Sky Observation programme
Observation of celestial event such as Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse Venus transit etc are conducted for students & genral public. Regional Science City, Lucknow has a reflecting telescope using which astronomy experts conduct sky watching sessions. Identification of constellation/ palnets and other celestial bodies, star gazing are the part of this programme.