National Science Centre, Delhi

Water: The Elixir of Life Gallery
December 9, 2017

Observational records, demographic study and climate projections provide abundant evidence that freshwater resources are vulnerable and have the potential to be strongly impacted by climate change, with wide-ranging consequences for human societies and ecosystems. At this juncture, when there are well-researched speculations of ensuing water stress in India, water education, for the students and people, becomes critical. So, the National Council of Science Museums and the Delhi Jal Board collaborated to create a water Education Facility at the premises of the National Science Centre, Delhi.

The gallery has 34 interactive exhibits. The exhibits give an account of the water available on the planet Earth, and even in living beings. One can check the water content in his/her organs in the body. Various characteristics of Water such as turbidity, acidity, reaction with other chemicals etc. have been elaborated. Any Indian individual can also calculate his/her water uses in daily life in comparison with a national average uses of an Indian. The gallery also gives an account of how much effort does it take to bring a drop of water from the raw source to the tap of Dehllites. Hence the gallery especially try to sensitise people about the misuse of water and particularly in Delhi. One can also get details about various water treatment and water sewage treatment plant Delhi which are managed by Delhi Jal Board. Various kind of water saving instruments developed by various agencies has also been displayed in the gallery.

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