Regional Science City acts as a bridge between scientific & technological institutions and the society keeping the public updated about the progress made in various fields of science & technology. As most of the science centers / museums are in big cities the Mobile Science Exhibition (MSE) programme OF National Council of Science Museums caters to the rural populace specially rural students.

The mobile science exhibition unit consists of 24 participatory exhibits on a particular theme. The exhibits give the visitor/student an opportunity to learn through a process of interaction and discovery. The unit remains on tour for about 9/10 months in a year, covering a minimum of 60-70 sites. It generally remains in a school for 2 or 3 days.

Apart from this, to supplement the classroom teaching on science, the unit also takes Science Demonstration Lecture kits, telescope and projection system to screen selected science films suitable for rural children.

The exhibition is normally organized in predetermined schools in close coordination with Education Authority of the district. At each site neighboring schools are invited to visit the exhibition & participate in the programme. Each exhibition unit covers over 1.5 lakh rural students every year. The exhibition theme also changes after 2-3 years.