National Science Centre, Delhi

Pre - Historic Life Gallery
December 9, 2017

The new gallery is a recreation of world that none of us have seen as it existed millions of year ago and many of its life forms have become extinct by now. Selected 35 species of life forms of different ages such as Trilobites, Giant Scorpions, early birds, gigantic dinosaurs and other living creatures up to Neanderthal man have been presented in the gallery with artificially created matching ambience and special light and sound effects. Since most of the species displayed are electro-pneumatically animated, it adds a new dimension to the gallery. The supporting panel exhibition provides ample information about origin of Earth, formation of land forms, geological changes that occurred on earth through ages, evolution of atmosphere, origin of life in waters, spread of life on land, early life forms, early mass extinctions and so on. The exhibition tries to answer several mind-boggling questions that we all ask at times, as how did life originate on our planet? Where did it evolve? Who are our ancestors? Is there life on other planets? Will man survive? And so on.

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