National Science Centre, Delhi

Information Revolution Gallery
December 9, 2017

The story of evolution of Communication Technology over past 6000 years in India is told here in a large exposition. While moving through time, one experiences the relation between technology and culture through history in this rare show. The gallery showcases the earliest as well the latest form of communication and their impact on society.
The digital Information revolution is here. We are lucky that we are witnessing this era, experiencing the revolution, which is changing life style so forcefully and quickly. This era in which we live has been called the ‘third wave’ (the first being the agricultural revolution and the second being the industrial revolution), some other call it the ‘second industrial revolution’, or ‘information age’ and the ‘computer age’ by some others. Whatever you wish to call this new age, without a doubt we are in the midst of a revolution. It is proclaimed in advertisements everywhere, and articles abound on how this revolution is and will affect our lives. You see the impact everywhere you look. At the checkout counter in your neighbourhood shopping malls or drug store, under the hood of your car, at your bank, in your entertainment devices, and at work. Inform@tion.Com “A digital Revolution” gallery is an effort to present you in interactive and interesting way the nuts and bolts behind Digital Information Revolution.

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