National Science Centre, Delhi

Innovation Space
The Innovation hub has been equipped with components namely, Hall of Fame with stories of Inventions and Inventors, Innovation Resource Centre with online access to innovation-centric resources, Innovative Laboratory to carry out activities, experiments and projects. It provides a unique opportunity for children of various age groups to work at the facility during the week-ends to develop their ideas on various aspects of Science & Technology. A part of the Innovation Space also conducts activities on robotics and its coding. In this facility students learn application of Robots, basic of movement, controlling of direction, PCB assembly of robot, programming on computer and fusing program on microcontroller chip.
One needs to be a member of the Innovation Space in order to avail the facility. At present the facility is open only for school students.

Components of the innovation Space

1. Hall of Fame: Inventions and Inventors

Stories of major inventions and their inventors in different field will be told through multimedia kiosks

2. Innovation Resource Centre

Broadband Internet terminals will provide access to innovation centric resources, E journals, Books and grass root innovation portals etc.

3. Tech Lab: Robotics & microprocessor programming Facility

Facility for carrying out creative and innovative projects in robotics and microprocessor programming for practical applications.

4. ThodPhodJod (break and remake)

Student learns to do things with their own hand and also learn the engineering of the products.

5. Kabad se Jugad (Build from Scrap)

Students make things from waste, scarps or low cast materials.

6. Idea Box

Students generate their own innovative ideas and create an idea bank. The best idea are chosen for experimentation, model making and project work.

7. Make your own Science Models/Kits

Students can convert their Idea to make their own innovative science model or Kit.

8. Investigative projects

Students will be given or generate their own mini research projects and work under the guidance of experts.