National Science Centre, Delhi

Human Biology Gallery
December 9, 2017

A gallery on Human Biology is in the fourth floor of the Centre. The gallery aims to portray the human body in all its aspects: anatomical, physiological, biochemical, structural, functional and systemic.
The concept for the gallery arose out of the feedback that the Centre has been receiving from its visitors, to set up more exhibits on the Human Body, its structure and functioning. The Human Body is something, which we all possess and are familiar with, but at the same time, it is an eternal source of mystery.

This has given birth to a lot of myths and false notions about the body. Also, the human body is something which will engage the attention of any visitor the most, because that concerns all of us intimately.
The gallery covers an approximate area of 1724 and houses 118 interactive exhibits. The gallery aims to address the following issues:
• What is special about the structure and function of the Human Body
• To clear myths and create rational understanding of the Human Body and to thus demystify the Human Body
• Educate the visitors on Immunity, Diseases and Healthy living
• To make the visitors aware of the new concepts in biology like Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

• The future of Human body: will it evolve? Will it be engineered? Will it become redundant?

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