National Science Centre, Delhi

Curriculum Based Sessions/Workshops (October – December)

The Centre has planned various curriculum based activities specially designed for students of class 6 th to 10 th for about 2.30 hours duration. The latest state of art educational technological tools are also being used in organising the activities. School student groups are invited to participate in the activities. Students group can choose a topic(pls see the attached document) and Hands –on session will be organised with various activities at ‘Innovation Space’ (IS) which is equipped with scientific instruments and gadgets.

This facility is being offered to school groups on prior registration on first cum first serve basis. All activities will be conducted during 10.00am – 12.30pm.

Entry fee for attending the activities is Rs 70/- per student. For more details please contact the Reception of the Centre.

Activities on Offer at InnovationSpace , NSC Delhi

Name of activity
Class Suitability Duration
Robotics : Hand generator car Basic concepts on Electricity will be explained with kits. Based on the above concepts students will build a HAND GENERATOR using LEGO mindstormnxt kit. VIth to VIIIth 2 hrs.
Robotics : Castor bot Students will be involved in building a CASTOR BOT using LEGO mindstormnxt kit and programme it for various challenges related to movement of the CASTOR BOT. IX –Xth 3hrs.
Periscope Making Students will make their own periscope using Mirrors papers. They will also be taught about light and its behavior. VIth to VIIIth 2 hrs
Physics: Make your own flute Student will make their own Flute. They will also learn how different musical notes sound are produced by varying length and also about sound. VIII to X 2.0 Hrs.
Physics: Measuring Gravitational Pull Students will measure the Gravitation pull of earth and acceleration by dropping stone from roof top. They will repeat Galileo experiment VIII to X 2.0 Hrs.
Physics: Speaker Out of Waste Will make a low cost speaker using bottle head, magnet and small coil which actually works and student can listen their voice and will learn the science behind it. IX to XII 2.0Hrs.
Physics: Make your Innovative Top Students can make their own Innovative Top using cardboard and pencil etc.They will learn about symmetry and concept of moment of Inertia. VIth to VIIIth 2.0Hrs.
Physics: Simple Electric motor Student will make simple electric motor and will learn about law of electromagnetic induction. IXth to XII 2.0 hrs
Physics: Reaction car Will make a small car out of bottle which run on Newtons third law and will have lots of fun when they compete with friends. VI to VIII 2.0 Hrs.
Bio-Tech: Peep inside Cells Microscope viewing of different cells, identification of cell organelles, use of microscopes, microscopic measurement VIII to X 2.5 Hrs.
Bio-Tech: Isolating the stuff of life DNA isolation from living cells, estimation of DNA, building a model of double helix IX to XII 2.5 Hrs
Bio-Tech: Racing of Molecules Gel electrophoresis techniques, micro pipetting techniques, separation of different dyes IX to XII 2.5 Hrs.
Bio-Tech: Investigating DNA Loading and Running DNA in agarose gel, visualization of DNA bands under molecular imager, estimation of DNA size XI & XII 2.5 Hrs.
Bio Tech: Molecular Scissor Learn how the Restriction enzymes are molecular scissors that cut DNA into pieces. Find out which enzymes will cut, and where by making a restriction map.. XI & XII 2.5 Hrs.
Static Electricity Students will learn about flow of charges, electrical force between same and opposite charges, current, lightning. Demonstrations related to franklin bell, Vande Graf generator, Faraday cage, Tesla Coil and Jaccob’s ladder demo etc. will be organised with interaction of students. IX –Xth 2.0 Hrs.
Astronomy Curriculum linked workshop on –“The Moon: Our Celestial Companion”. Workshop explains geology & the surface features of the Moon (Crater, Maria etc.) and provide answer why Moon shows phases? VIth to VIIIth 2.0Hrs.
Geography Demonstration of Foucault pendulum will be organised relating with concepts of rotation of the Earth, change of seasons, formation of day & nights through interactive kits. SOS show will also enrich the concepts. VIth to VIIIth 2.0Hrs.
Air & Water Curriculum Based Science on Sphere** Show and demonstration on Air & Water(subtopics: Distribution of water, water pollutions, chemistry of water etc. composition of air, greenhouse gases, global warming, major domains of the earth etc VIth to VIIIth 2.0 Hrs.