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MANDATORY ENRTY IN THE CENTRE @RS 20/- PER Student and Teacher: Entry includes visit to 8 galleries which are Water : The Elixir of Life, Our Science and Technology Heritage, Human Body and Genetics, Pre-Historic Life, Fun Science, Hall of Nuclear Power, Information Revolution and Emerging Technologies.
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Science Shows The demonstrator performs and explains a set of exciting experiments on a theme and the experiments produce startling and amusing results. Unexpected Science: Physics based interactive experiment on topics like Bernoulli's principle, weightlessness, Pressure, Centre of Gravity, etc. Super Cold Show: Set of exciting experiment using liquid Nitrogen. Sound Show: Concepts of topic Sound demonstrated with interactive experiments. Kitchen Chemistry and Fun with Chemistry: Experiments with materials available in Kitchen and general chemicals.

Suitable for 6th to 10th Class students
200 Rs 10/- per Person 30 minutes (B) 10 X =
The Blue Planet- Science on Sphere Show A unique , room sized global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe

Suitable for 5th to 10th Class students. Shows on topics Such as Air, Space, Water, Earth Science and Astronomy
200 Rs 20/- per Person 30 minutes (C) 20 X =
3 -D Show It is a high definition show where a moving picture seems to bounce on the spectator giving him/her a thrilling experience.

Suitable for Nursery to 10th Class students
200 Rs 20/- per Person 15 minutes (D) 20 X =
Nuclear Power Plant Show A multimedia presentation on How a Nuclear Power Plant works. It takes you on virtual tour of a Nuclear Power Plant.

Suitable for 9h to 12th Class students
40 Free
Communication Saga – Cave Painting to Internet: It is a projection based presentation on a very large (36 ft. X 10 ft.) curved screen on the story of evolution of Communication Technology over past 6000 years.

Suitable for 6th to 10th Class students.
50 Free 17 minutes
Holoshow : A short film of about 15 minutes duration titled ‘Our Body Systems’ has been developed for screening in holographic theatre. All eleven body systems are covered in this film from integumentary to reproductive. The film explores how these systems work together as a complementary unit to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire body. The objective of this film is to educate the public about inner workings of human body. It is also hoped that it will motivate our young visitors to learn more about the science of anatomy and physiology.

This is a specially created film with 3D digital models and animations can be viewed in this theatre without the aid of any special goggles.

50 Rs 20/- per Person 15 minutes (D) 20 X =
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