National Science Centre, Delhi

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MANDATORY ENRTY IN THE CENTRE @RS 20/- PER Student and Teacher: Entry includes visit to 8 galleries which are Water : The Elixir of Life, Our Science and Technology Heritage, Human Body and Genetics, Pre-Historic Life, Fun Science, Hall of Nuclear Power, Information Revolution and Emerging Technologies.
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Science Shows The demonstrator performs and explains a set of exciting experiments on a theme and the experiments produce startling and amusing results. Unexpected Science: Physics based interactive experiment on topics like Bernoulli's principle, weightlessness, Pressure, Centre of Gravity, etc. Super Cold Show: Set of exciting experiment using liquid Nitrogen. Sound Show: Concepts of topic Sound demonstrated with interactive experiments. Kitchen Chemistry and Fun with Chemistry: Experiments with materials available in Kitchen and general chemicals.

Suitable for 6th to 10th Class students
200 Rs 10/- per Person 30 minutes (B) 10 X =
The Blue Planet- Science on Sphere Show A unique , room sized global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe

Suitable for 5th to 10th Class students. Shows on topics Such as Air, Space, Water, Earth Science and Astronomy
200 Rs 20/- per Person 30 minutes (C) 20 X =
3 -D Show It is a high definition show where a moving picture seems to bounce on the spectator giving him/her a thrilling experience.

Suitable for Nursery to 10th Class students
200 Rs 20/- per Person 15 minutes (D) 20 X =
Nuclear Power Plant Show A multimedia presentation on How a Nuclear Power Plant works. It takes you on virtual tour of a Nuclear Power Plant.

Suitable for 9h to 12th Class students
40 Free
Communication Saga – Cave Painting to Internet: It is a projection based presentation on a very large (36 ft. X 10 ft.) curved screen on the story of evolution of Communication Technology over past 6000 years.

Suitable for 6th to 10th Class students.
50 Free 17 minutes
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