National Science Centre, Delhi

Commemoration of National Science Day 2020
(28th February 2020)

Every year, on 28th February, National Science Day is commemorated to marks the discovery of the Raman scattering by the Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on February 28 in 1928.

A Popular Science Lecture and a one day Teacher Training workshop will be organized on this occasion.The Popular Science Lecture on the topic “Quantum: The next “Psi”entific Frontier” will be delivered by Prof. DR. KRISHNA THYAGARAJAN, Department of Physics, Bennett University. Dr Thyagarajan is also recipient of the “Fiber Optic Person of the Year 1997” award and Teaching Excellence Award from IIT Delhi.He has written many engineering books also.

The One day Teacher Training Workshop “Digi Abhyaas” in collaboration with Learning Link foundation will be organised which will be focused on proper utilisation of Technologies in schools.