National Science Centre, Delhi

Aakash Darshan
October 27, 2018

Aakash Darshan- Let’s explore the heavens above us…

Humans are always curious to know mysteries of stars and planets. We all get fascinated to see night sky and want to know more about it. To satisfy the curiosity regarding planets, star and other night sky objects National Science Centre is organizing Aakash Darshan Programme- Let’s explore the heavens above us from – 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM on

17th&22nd , November 2018

15th& 20th December 2018

14th& 19th January 2019

Visitors can observe Planet and Moon through Telescope.

Entry to the programme is by registration only. This programme is weather dependent, In case of cloudy/ Dusty weather observation may be cancelled please confirm at following numbers before coming for observation. Visitors are requested to apply mosquito repellent before coming to Aakash Darshan programme.

For more details and free registration, please-mail your name and contact number “” or call on the Reception at 011-23371945, 23371893


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